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About After-Care

Make sure to use COCOCHOCO clarifying shampoo before the treatment as well as designated after care products (free sulphate shampoo and conditioner) for post-treatment in order to maintain and preserve better results.

Professional Hair Masks

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COCOCHOCO Keratin mask stops damage by restoring, repairing & rebuilding brittle hair to a healthy, lustrous state by reconstructing hair from the inside out. Nutrients penetrate the inner hair shaft and strengtheners envelop the outer hair to mend, hydrate and deliver long-lasting regenerative conditioning.

COCOCHOCO Cashmere hair mask 

​Paraben & Sulphate free protections. Professional Moisturising Conditioning Hair Mask. Cruelty-Free Masque with Moroccan Oil & Grapeseed oil, for Dry Damaged Hair with Natural Herbals & Vitamin E​

Provides natural shine. Has a reach, creamy consistency.Cashmere-like softness and elasticity

COCOCHOCO Boost-up mask stops damage by restoring, repairing & rebuilding brittle hair to a healthy, lustrous state by reconstructing hair from the inside out.

Free Sulphate Shampoo

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COCOCHOCO Free Sulphate Shampoo is a Pure Essentials Shampoo formulated for individuals with a sensitive scalp, dry, damaged, or treated hair.  This Shampoo gently cleans without drying the hair or causing scalp irritation. 

This Shampoo contains NO SULPHATE CLEANSERS, NO DRYING SOAPS, and NO SCALP IRRITANTS.  We use only naturally derived cleansers, Yucca (Cactus) juice and Soap Bark Extract, and extra gentle Soy proteins that gently clean without stripping or causing irritation.  Safe for use for all hair types and for color-treated hair pH 5.0.

Clarifying Shampoo

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COCOCHOCO Clarifying Shamapoo is specially formulated with advanced foaming action that deep cleans the hair cuticle to remove all residues and impurities that cling to the hair shaft.
This products with Advanced Timed PH Elevating Technology then allows the cuticle to open for optimal results during the application of the COCOCHOCO Keratin Straightening Treatment.

Care Conditioner

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COCOCHOCO Care Conditioner is a Sodium Chloride Free, Formaldehyde Free and low pH formulation with designed to work in conjunction with COCOCHOCO Free sulphate Shampoo as a daily conditioner. 
COCOCHOCO Care Conditioner is formulated with selected nutrients and keratin protein oils and special wheat and Soy protein oils to provide nourishment to protect your hair from the heat of all styling tools: Hot curlers, Blow-dryers and Straightening Irons.

Hair Serum

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COCOCHOCO Cherry blossom serum drops - Hair Serum for a glossy non-frizz finish is a complete hairstyling solution. It reduces frizz, tames hair, loosens tangles, lessens split ends, and restores shine to hair. It transforms dry, damaged hair into lush and glossy. 


The unique formulation infused with a novel mix of Argan & Avocado oils extracts Improves luster and works in this de-frizz hair product. It leaves your tresses soft, shiny & stunning and brings back to your hair his naturally luminous glow.

18a_1diamond drop serum 50ml transparent background (1).png

COCOCHOCO Diamond drops - Hair Serum for a glossy non-frizz finish 50ml.

Unique formulation infused with diamond powder which gives the hair a naturally luminous glow. The combination of powerful active ingredients relieves frizziness, leaving your hair soft, moisturized, and shiny.  Its strong effect is visible from the first day you use it. Formulated for all hair types.

Leave-In Treatments


Split Ends Silk Boost -

The new advanced formula of Cocochoco Silk boost Deeply restore hair from its length to the tips for up to 90% fewer split ends after keratin treatment application.


Silk boost is Ideal for long hair - the unique formula repairs breakage from brushing against your shoulders or back. Nourish hair and deeply repair stressed hair structures for fewer split ends with eight beauty oils and keratin

Cherry blossom cream (1).png

Cherry Blossom- Keratin hair care, Moisturizing  cream-

Cocochoco Cherry Blossom Leave-In Moisturizing Cream Combining shea butter, Cherry oil extract and avocado oil. This cream will give your hair vitality and softness from the first use.

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